December 6, 2021

How do you survive a sophomore year of high school?

In some cases students arrive at college knowing what they want to study, and may be able to begin taking courses in their major or minor fields during their first year of college. However, most students need to experiment with taking different general education, elective classes or special topics courses in order to decide which major is right for them. Students may also want to take the advice of trusted advisors, parents, older students or teachers knowledgeable in a specific area of study to learn about certain classes or how to meet career objectives after college.

Part of going to college is discovering what drives you and what your interests are. According to, “most college students change their major at least once” during their education. It is also important to know that many graduates who enter the workforce do not start out with their chosen profession or in a field that is related to their degree. It may take several years, relocation, extensive job-hunting and networking in order to find the job that you want, which, by that time, may not be related to your major or minor areas of study.

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