December 6, 2021

What grade is high school Philippines?

Consider the course load that is the best fit for you as you map out your college courses. For example, if you’re going to be a part-time student, your study plan will take longer than four years to complete. Most majors take around 120 credit hours, so if you’re interested in completing your degree in four years, plan on 15 credit hours per semester. You’ll also want to note course availability since some classes aren’t offered each semester.

Once you’ve decided on a major, use a preprinted form or your own sheet of paper to graph out your study plan. List each semester and the courses you plan to take. Be sure to balance your study plan with other responsibilities such as work and family obligations. As you write down the courses you plan to take, list the credit hours next to each class and a total at the end of each semester. Putting your plan in writing will help you see the big picture. Cross-reference your study plan with the course bulletin and put a check mark next to each required course. This will ensure you’ve met all requirements in your major.

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