What is the first year of high school called?

The first step is to consider your end goal. If you’ve honed in on a major, study the course catalog and become familiar with the required courses. You’ll want to schedule as many general education courses at the beginning of your plan to ensure you meet university requirements for all majors. If you aren’t sure about your academic major, general education courses will provide an overview of most majors to help you with your career decision. Take note of any prerequisites needed as you review upper-level courses. For example, a 300-level engineering class may require specific math courses that are not a part of general education requirements.

Developing a plan of study is the first step in taking a strategic approach to the next four years of your life. It’s critical to begin the process of mapping your classes before you begin your first semester. This requires examining your interests, reviewing course options and consulting with an academic advisor. If you’re unsure about your desired outcome, the process of mapping your college experience will jump-start the planning process.

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