December 6, 2021

Is secondary school the same as high school?

It’s important to have regular meetings with your academic advisor. You may be tempted to wait until the end of the semester to schedule a meeting, but push yourself to check-in with your advisor in the middle of the semester. The beginning and the end of the semester is the busiest time for academic advisors. If you pop in mid-way through the semester, you can have a relaxed conversation that helps you both get to know each other. Building a strong relationship will help you feel more comfortable be direct and honest. As you progress through your college career, your academic advisor will help you think of next steps and can serve as a reference for a job or graduate school.

suggest that new students take care of general education requirements, before digging deeper into a specific major. Use your first meeting with an advisor to discuss the academic options and create a schedule that is a good fit for your needs. Be honest, if you aren’t a morning person. You don’t want to schedule an 8:00 a.m. class, if you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. Remember, your academic advisor is there to help you succeed.

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