December 6, 2021

What is high school mean?

Begin the letter by typing “Dear (Name)” followed by a colon. Mail merge can supply the name for you if this is a mass mailing. Skip another line.Start by thanking the student for his interest in your university. Explain that there were many qualified applicants, and the admissions department had a very difficult decision to make. After you have softened the blow with these “buffer” statements, tell him that he is on the waiting list for admission.Explain very clearly what the waiting list means and what she can expect from this point. For example, she will want to know the approximate date she can expect a final decision, as well as what she can do until then, if anything.

Thank the student again and reiterate any pertinent contact information for admissions as well as any way she may check the status of her application online. Skip a line.

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