December 6, 2021

Should schools give homework?

Colleges and universities can only accommodate a certain number of students. High-profile schools often get hundreds or even thousands more applications than the number of spots they have available for new students. Typically, the incoming applications are grouped into one of three categories: accept, deny, or waiting list. Giving a student the news that she has been placed on the waiting list is a delicate business; on one hand, it isn’t completely bad news, but on the other hand, it isn’t what the applicant hoped to hear.Insert a piece of university letterhead into the printer. This is an official university notification, so you must use the university stationary.

Type the date, Students who are placed on the waiting list often focus on dates and time in their queries to the admissions department, so omitting the date will prompt a lot of telephone calls. Skip a line.Type the student’s name and address. If you are writing a number of letters and this is a template for the waiting list letter that all of the students on the waiting list will receive, use the mail merge function in your word processing program to automatically insert the student’s name and address. Skip a line.

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