December 6, 2021

Does school make you dumber?

For a student to truly excel, she should pay attention to details and take advantage of opportunities that others overlook. She turns in work that is neat, legible and formatted according to the teacher’s instructions. And she does additional project work for extra credit when opportunities arise.Getting good grades in high school increases your chances of graduating on time, getting into a good college and attaining a scholarship. Some students have a tendency to slack off at the end of their high school years, but many seniors understand the impact that a strong academic finish can have on their lives after high school. Hard work will allow you to achieve good grades, even if your current grades are below average. By putting forth your best effort throughout your senior year, you can raise your GPA by one point or more each term.

Never miss class. Excessive absences affect your attendance grade, cause you to miss important information and can impact your relationship with your teacher. Be on time and prepared for class each day.


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