December 6, 2021

Why school as a concept

A good student makes studying outside of class, either at home or in study hall, a top priority. Some students find it helpful to study at certain times or in a specific place that’s distraction-free. Others find it beneficial to study in groups. One study cited in “Business Communication Quarterly” showed that some students find visual aids help them retain information. Flash cards, charts and graphs may help visually oriented students to succeed.

Students need to eat properly and get plenty of sleep and exercise to stay healthy and focused. A study done by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign showed a direct correlation between cardiovascular activity and cognitive function. Students who want to do well might consider walking to class or joining a gym. The Scholarship Experts website recommends students avoid junk food and sleepless nights if they want to stay focused and in top form for learning.

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