December 6, 2021

What is the true meaning of school?

Participation begins with showing up for class. Attendance is necessary for the student to absorb the material and stay up to date on current assignments. Once arriving to class on time, the student should stay engaged and involved, which is easier when the student comes to class prepared. Revising habits can be helpful in encouraging participation. For example, something as simple as changing where to sit in class can have an impact. The Minnesota Department of Higher Education recommends sitting in the front row to show enthusiasm and interest. If the student has questions, he shouldn’t be afraid to speak up.

A good student makes studying outside of class, either at home or in study hall, a top priority. Some students find it helpful to study at certain times or in a specific place that’s distraction-free. Others find it beneficial to study in groups. One study cited in “Business Communication Quarterly” showed that some students find visual aids help them retain information. Flash cards, charts and graphs may help visually oriented students to succeed.

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